Vcenter-55 (apc)

High speed, high production that can make light work out of the most demanding of production schedules

  • Rapid feedrates of 36/36/24 m/min
  • Tool changes of 1.5 seconds (T-T)
  • 8000 rpm spindle with rigid tapping
  • Bellows type guarding on Z axis
  • Large work table for 4th axis applications
  • 3 axis linear motion slideways
  • Ram & Arm type ATC
  • Direct coupled Servo-motors
  • Coolant flush onto bottom guarding
  • Front mounted Y-axis motor


X-axis travel mm 550
Y-axis travel mm 430
Z-axis travel mm 460
Table working area mm 560×400
Rapid feed X/Y/Z m/mm 30/30/24
Tooling BT-40
Number of tools 24
Spindle Speed rpm 8000
Spindle Power kw 5.5/7.5
Machine Weight tons 4100