Vcenter G135

With a spacious machine bed that offers axis travel of 1350 by 700 by 700mm in X, Y, and Z, a powerful 18.5kW spindle motor with a BT50 spindle configuration and a high torque output of 498Nm via a two-stepped gearbox, the Vcenter G135 offers a whole new world of possibilities for machining larger components.

  • Travels: 1350 / 700 / 700mm (X, Y, Z)
  • Spindle power 18.5kW
  • BT-50 spindle for heavy cutting (opt BBT-50)
  • Wide base with 4 slideways in Y-axis
  • High torque output of 498Nm
  • 24 (opt 32 or 40) Tool Magazine
  • Maximum part weight 2,200Kg
  • Screw chip removers included
  • Machine weight 11,500Kg

New Fanuc 0i-MF plus (type-1) control includes the following items:

  • 10.4” screen
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Manual Guide i (MGI).
  • AICC-2 (200 blocks)
  • 2G CF card (incl.)
  • Memory card editing (std.)
  • (opt.) Ethernet IP, CC Link, Profibus


X-axis travel mm 1350
Y-axis travel mm 700
Z-axis travel mm 700
Table working area mm 1400×700
Rapid feed X/Y/Z m/mm 20/20/18
Tooling BT-50 (opt BBT-50)
Spindle Speed rpm 6000
Spindle Power kw 15/18.5
Machine Weight Kg 11,500