Vcenter A Series

With the structure and specification enhancement on the Z-axis acceleration 0.75G and increased rapid feed, the Vcenter A Series Vertical Machining Centre effectively upgrades the cutting efficiency and performance to pay off higher investment costs.

  • Z-axis acceleration 0.75G minimizes tool changeover time
  • Rapid feed 42/42/42 m/min minimizes non-cutting time
  • Directly Coupled Spindle (DCS) 12000rpm assures part surface finish
  • Supreme rigid column increases milling & tapping efficiency
  • Easy access to working area and perfect swarf and coolant disposal
  • Tool changeover time 5.5 sec (chip-chip)
  • Roller type linear motion guideways
  • Two screw-type chip removers for maximal chip removal

Available Models



X-axis travelmm85011001300
Y-axis travelmm600600780
Z-axis travelmm560560700
Table working areamm1100×6001350×6001400×700
Rapid feed X/Y/Zm/mm42/42/4242/42/4236/36/36
Number of tools242424
Spindle Speedrpm120001200012000
Spindle Powerkw7.5/11/157.5/11/157.5/11/15
Machine Weightkg7070740011000