Vturn-36 Series

Two step gearbox for reliable heavy cutting!

  • Genuine 45° slant bed for minimum distance from Z-axis ball screw to the tool tip.
  • Z-axis ballscrew diameter 50mm.
  • 91mm bar capacity.
  • Box slideways with hardness HRC 55 for heavy cutting.
  • Hydraulic 12″ chuck is offered as standard.
  • 2-step gearbox is included to further enhance the cutting torque at low rpm.
  • Maximum turning length 855mm for Vturn-36/85 and 1255mm for Vturn-36/125.
  • Available with C-axis spindle and live tooling by Victor’s own VDI turret.
  • Special LSB with optional bar capacities 145mm or 160mm available.

Available Models



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