Vturn 36/85

Two step gearbox for reliable heavy cutting!

  • Genuine 45° slant bed for minimum distance from Z-axis ball screw to the tool tip.
  • Z-axis ballscrew diameter 50mm.
  • 91mm bar capacity.
  • Box slideways with hardness HRC 55 for heavy cutting.
  • Hydraulic 12″ chuck is offered as standard.
  • 2-step gearbox is included to further enhance the cutting torque at low rpm.
  • Maximum turning length 855mm for Vturn-36/85 and 1255mm for Vturn-36/125.
  • Available with C-axis spindle and live tooling by Victor’s own VDI turret.
  • Special LSB option with spindle nose A2-11 for bar capacity160mm/1300rpm.


Swing over bed mm 650
Std. Turning dia. mm 445
Max. turning dia mm 550 (458 for CV)
Swing over carriage mm 500 (475 for VDI)
Center distance mm 890
Bar capacity (hole through draw bar mm 91 (160 for LSB)
X axis travel: -Std turret mm 275+30
X axis travel: -VD I turret mm 143+217
X axis travel: -VDI turret, C-axis mm 156+199
Z axis travel mm 855
Rapid feed – X/Z axis m/min 12 / 15
Feed motor – X/Z axis kW kW 3 / 4
Cutting federate mm/min 0~1260
Ball screw dia x pitch mm 36 x P6 (X) 50 x P10 (Z)
Spindle nose (chuck) inch A2-8 (12″) (A2-11 for CV, LSB)
Max. spindle speed rpm 2500 (opt. 2000)
Spindle motor power kW 22 / 26 (opt. 30 / 37) With gearbox
Bearing inside dia. mm 160 (220 for LSB)
Spindle bore mm 105 (160 for LSB)
No. of tools no. 10 (12 for CV)
No. of live tools no. 6
Tool shank size mm 32
Max. boring bar dia. mm 50 (VDI-50)
Exchange time (T-T) sec 1
Milling speed rpm 2500
Milling motor kW 7.0
Quill dia. mm 110
Quill stroke mm 100
Quill taper MT#4
CNC controller (FANUC) 0i-TD
Tank capacity L. 130
Approx. machine size m 5.7 x 2.3 x 2.2
Net weight kg 8000