Vcenter H1000

Advanced design

Through the use of advanced CAD and CAE, Victor’s R&D laboratory makes computer simulations of the machine’s structure for deformation and vibration during operation, which can be later confirmed by computer aided testing. Areas of high stress concentration or excessive thermal growth are pinpointed on the drawing board, so they are eliminated at an early stage and optimum machine life can be guaranteed.

  • Improved positioning accuracy
  • Heavy duty spindle with integral 2-speed gearbox
  • Durable tool changer ATC
  • Box slideways for high rigidity
  • Parallel type pallet changer APC for maximum flexibility
  • Symmetrical design for minimal heat growth and chips build up


X-axis travel mm 1350
Y-axis travel mm 1050
Z-axis travel mm 1050
Table working area mm 1000×1000
Rapid feed X/Y/Z m/mm 15/15/15
Tooling BT-50
Number of tools 90
Spindle Speed rpm 4500
Spindle Power kw 18.5/22