Vcenter AX380

With an extremely rigid and tough column, the C-framed Vcenter-AX380 presents high feed rate 48 m/min and high Z-axis acceleration 0.75G to minimize spindle non-cutting time. Coupled with powerful 12000 rpm spindle and trunnion type rotary table, the Vcenter-AX380 5-axis Machining effectively upgrades the cutting performance with higher accuracy and efficiency.

  • Trunnion type tilting table (A+C axes) with innovative non-backlash rollercam mechanism offers excellent solution for small part machining
  • Higher rotating speed and machining accuracy than conventional worm gear mechanism shorten cycle time
  • Higher clamping rigidity than DD motor facilitates 4+1 axis heavy cutting
  • BIG-PLUS BT-40 (BBT-40) spindle 12000rpm (15kW)
  • Linear Guideways
  • Tool change only 6 seconds



X-axis travel mm 700
Y-axis travel mm 500
Z-axis travel mm 540
Table working area mm Ø380
Spindle Taper BBT-40
Spindle Speed rpm 12000 (opt.15000)
Spindle Power kw 11/15/18.5 (w/t CTS)
7/11/15 (w. CTS)
Machine Weight KG 6000

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