The Victor Vcenter AX630 5 Axis VMC from GM CNC Ltd

With a reputation for uncompromising build quality and stability, Victor has extended its impressive line of machine tool benefits with the Vcenter-AX630 vertical machining centre. Available in the UK from GM CNC Ltd, the Vcenter-AX630 takes flexibility to a new level, incorporating a B+C-axis rotary table to facilitate 5-axis machining of large parts up to 700mm diameter by 500mm.

The impressive Vcenter-AX630 has rigidity and precision incorporated into every aspect of the machine, something that is characterised by the trunnion type B+C-axis table that has a built-in backlash-free roller cam mechanism that is seated on the machine base to maximise rigidity. The B-axis can rotate at up to 17rpm with 6880Nm of torque whereas the C-axis rotation is capable of 33rpm at 1960Nm. Adding to this robust and speedy rotary table that is built into the fixed table, the Vcenter-AX630 optimises structure stiffness with the moving column and spindle retaining an optimised centre of gravity. The spindle is fully supported by front slideways when the Y-axis travel is shorter than 300mm. This ensures optimal cutting performance during the most challenging of operations.

The 9000kg workhorse is supplied as standard with the powerful FANUC 0i-MF CNC control unit that drives the tools around the 700 by 500 by 500mm X, Y and Z axes work envelope with unprecedented precision and speed. Built to speed around this work area is a high-speed 12,000rpm spindle with the renowned BIG PLUS BBT-40 interface that maximises tool clamping rigidity. Powering the high-speed spindle is a continuous 11/15/18.5kW spindle motor that generates exceptional levels of torque for heavy-duty cutting of challenging materials at impressive material removal rates. The high material removal rates achieved through a stable machine platform enhances surface finishes beyond the levels of competitor machines in its class. The spindles are manufactured in-house by Victor and each spindle has a unique I.D code to facilitate future servicing requirements and records. Supplied with up to 30 tools via a twin-arm type fast-change tool barrel, customers can also select the machine with the option of 40, 48 or 60 tool positions.

As standard, the high-quality arrival incorporates a spindle oil cooler, fully enclosed splash guard, rigid tapping facility, remote MPG handwheel, hand tools and toolbox, built-in work light, auto power-off system, levelling pads and a screw-type chip removal system.

Concerning flexibility, the Vcenter-AX630 from GM CNC provides the option of a chip conveyor with cart, through spindle coolant from 20 to 70bar, linear scales/angular encoders for precision levels of 0.005mm over the full machine stroke, auto tool length measurement, auto part measurement, HSK-A63 interface and also a selection of control units that include the Fanuc 0i, 32i and the 31i control or the Heidenhain 640 control units. For full simultaneous 5-axis machining, the Vcenter-AX630 is now also available with the Fanuc 31i-B5, the Siemens 840D or the Heidenhain TNC-640 CNC interface. This impressive level of optional additions allows GM CNC to facilitate all your machining requirements, whether you are looking for high material removal rates, flexibility, stability, unsurpassed surface finishes and precision or all of the above.

In essence, this extremely well-built machine is well suited to manufacturers that demand a blend of high productivity levels and flexibility with the guarantee that the machine tool is built to last. For further details on this exceptional addition to the GM CNC stable, please contact your nearest representative.