Vturn V1000

The Vturn-V1000 Vertical Turning Lathe is ideal for larger diameter components.

Following the success of Vturn-V760, with a swing diameter of 1100mm (43.3″) and a maximum turning diameter of 1000mm (39.4″) and an overall turning length of 850mm, the Vturn-V1000 with its powerful 45kw (60HP) spindle motor coupled to a 2-step gearbox provides high torque at low rpms. For manufacturers producing large parts that demand heavy cutting, the configuration of a Vertical Turning Latbe and the natural fall of swarf from the work area provides instantaneous benefits.

  • Powerful spindle motor coupled with ZF gearbox
  • Higher rigidity spindle with double roller NN type bearings
  • Wide span box slideways
  • BMT-85 fast indexing turret
  • Integral chip disposal without coolant leakage


Chuck Size inch 24 (opt. 28, 32, 40)
X-axis travel mm 500+40
Z-axis travel mm 850
Spindle Speed rpm 1500
Spindle Power kw 37/45
Tool Station 12
Tool Shank mm 32
Machine Weight tons 16000


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