Vturn S26/60

The Victor Vturn S26/60 offers an powerful spindle output of 22kW, a high torque of 574Nm along with a low base speed of 307rpm delivering highly accurate performance and reliability.

  • One piece 30° slant bed with box guides
  • Large swing diameter 600mm
  • Z-axis travel 610mm (S26/60) or 1100mm (S26/110)
  • 10” Power chuck
  • High thrust force 1441 Nm
  • High rapid feed 18/24 m/min (X/Z)
  • Available with C-axis & BMT – 65 Live tooling


Chuck Size inch A2-8 (10″)
X-axis travel mm 215+25 (210+30)
Z-axis travel mm 610
Spindle Speed rpm 3500
Spindle Power kw 15/18.55/22
Tool Station 10
Tool Shank mm 25