Vturn 46

Built-in 4-Step Gearbox for powerful heavy duty cutting!

  • Genuine 60° slant bed for minimum distance from Z-axis ballscrew to the tool tip so as to reduce the chip build-up.
  • Built-in 4-step gearbox inside the headstock further enhances the cutting torque 536.4kg-m at low spindle speed 67 rpm.
  • Spindle nose A2-11 with hydraulic 15″ chuck is offered as standard and available with 18″/21″/24″ chucks.
  • Z-axis ballscrew diameter 50mm.
  • Maximum turning length 1650mm.
  • Available with C-axis spindle and live tooling by Victor’s own VDI turret.


Chuck Size inch 15
X-axis travel mm 365+25 (Std turret)
137+303 (VD I turret)
186+234 (VDI turret, C-axis)
Z-axis travel mm 1650
Spindle Speed rpm 1500
Spindle Power kw 30 / 37
With gearbox
Tool Station 10
Tool Shank mm 32
Machine Dimensions m 6.2 x 2.5 x 2.5