Vturn 40/125

Horizontal Heavy Duty Turning Lathe

  • Heavy cutting lathe with spindle nose A2-11 for turning length from 1250mm to 4250mm.
  • Bar capacity 91mm, Spindle speed 2500rpm.
  • Single piece cast slant bed (45-degree) for minimum distance from ball screw to the tool tip
  • Spindle bore A2-11 with hydraulic chuck 15” (opt. 12”)
  • Genuine 45∘one piece slant bed for maximal structure rigidity
  • Large ballscrew diameter in Z-axis: 50mm Vturn-40/125 & Vturn-40/220, 63mm for Vturn-40/325, 70mm for Vturn-40/425
  • Y-axis & C-axis applications available with built-in spindle for contour milling.


Chuck Size inch 15
X-axis travel mm 310+30
Z-axis travel mm 1250
Bar capacity mm 91
Spindle Speed rpm 2500
Spindle Power kw 30/37
Tool Station 6
Tool Shank mm 32
Machine Weight KG 12700