VR Series – Medium Tonnage Machines

Victor VR Series injection moulding machines have been developed by fusing the benefits of hydraulic injection machines: low maintenance-free operation, long life, and low cost with electric molding machines: energy-saving, high-velocity injection, quick response, high repeatability, and low operation noise. The innovative new servo motor with high-effect pump system, achieves energy-saving (optional) operation and quick response equivalent to all electric moulding machines.

The precision built, high-speed VR series with a tonnage of 350 -1300 tons uses the advanced V8800 controller and semi-closed looped hydraulic system, matching your requirements for quality, high-speed production and precision moulding.

The swivel mounted 15″ LCD high resolution touch screen, with graphical user interface, can be optimally positioned for each operator, allowing an easy setting position and easy access to the mould area.

Features of the VR Series

  • Energy saving Hybrid option that’s almost equivalent to all-electric moulding machines
  • Allows for energy saving of up to 70%
  • Quick injection response time
  • Stability in low velocity / low pressure and wide range
  • Injection velocity – from ultra-low to high velocity range
  • Excellent linearity in both injection velocity and injection pressure
  • Excellent injection holding pressure performance – capability in sustaining high injection holding pressure for longer
  • Reduction in the amount of hydraulic oil
  • Quiet! Almost equivalent to all-electric moulding machines


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