Multi-Tasking MachinesMulti-Tasking Machine

As time and cost pressure mounts upon every business in a race to be ‘cost-effective’ and competitive, this has brought rise to the multi-tasking machine tool.

Put simply, multi-tasking machine tools provide the benefit of combining several cutting processes such as milling, turning, drilling, tapping, finishing and deep-hole boring, on a single machine in a single set-up to eliminate the need for the multitude of processes having to be handled by multiple machines. These machines are also considered as the ‘done in one’ machine, as they complete anything from relatively simple to extremely complex components in a single setup.

Multi-tasking machine tools have revolutionised the manufacturing industry, creating huge benefits to adopters of this technology. Taking the process from raw material to finished part, the multi-tasking machine tool is available in a host of configurations, many of which are available from GM CNC. Some of the configurations of machine tools that fall under the multi-tasking range include turning machines with secondary or sub-spindles. This can be taken further to incorporate multiple tool turrets with both stationary and rotary tool stations, B-axis rotary milling spindles, Y-axis machining capability and much more.

The benefits for any machine shop are immediately evident. By completing turning and complex milling in one single machine tool reduces the need for multiple machines. A multi-tasking machine also frees capacity for businesses by eliminating secondary operations on less capable milling, turning and drilling machines. This subsequently reduces labour requirement whilst enabling adopters of multi-tasking machines to significantly increase available capacity throughout the machine shop. From a cost perspective, multi-tasking machines will reduce the cost and need for cutting tools and work-holding and clamping equipment. Quality also improves when using a multi-tasking machine, as the machining of multiple operations in a single setup eliminates the potential for dimensional errors that can occur from undertaking multiple setups. Whilst a multitasking machine can be significantly more expensive to purchase than less capable machines, the benefits deliver astoundingly fast payback periods. If you are interested in drastically reducing the costs throughout your machine shop whilst increasing your flexibility and capability, it’s time to ask GM CNC how we can support you on this journey with our extensive range of high-quality machine tools.

If you are not sure which direction to take, please contact GM CNC where we have a complete range of machine tools that cover everything from 3-axis to 5-axis vertical machining centres, horizontal machining centres (HMC’s), turning centres, multi-spindle turning centres and lathes as well as a host of other machines to meet your needs.

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