Which machine tool do I need?

When you are considering what machine tool to buy for your business it is always astute to consider not only your existing requirements but also what you may need and how your business may develop in the future. At GM CNC, we have a complete range of new and used machine tools to meet all your requirements. Here, we’ll give you a snapshot guide to help you pick the right machine for your machine shop.

With the Victor range of machine tools, GM CNC doesn’t only offer a machine to suit your needs, we also have machines to match your budgets with stability, rigidity, performance, reliability and service and support that will exceed all of your expectations.

TurningVictor NP16 / NP20

Whether you are looking for a simple cost-effective solution or multi-tasking production centre, we have the machine for you. Victor machines are renowned for their stability, rigidity and performance. So, if you are looking for a small, compact turning centre for producing relatively simple components in a small footprint, please take a look at our Vturn NP16 / NP20 Series. If you are involved in industry sectors that require machines with a larger turning capacity and increased capability, then you should take a closer look at the extensive Vturn Series. For extremely large components in the aerospace, offshore and power generation sectors, the VMAX Range takes dimensional capacity and flexibility to a new extreme.

However, relatively simple or cost-effective turning isn’t the solution for every business. If you are undertaking anything from one-off to large batch production of complex components and you need to reduce your setups and enhance capacity throughout your machine shop, you may want to take a closer look at our multi-tasking turning range.

If you are involved in the machining of large diameter heavy components that would be better suited to vertical turning, you can take a closer look at our vertical turning solutions. Victor and GM CNC are also experts in the extremely productive turning of wheels. Whether it is the rail, automotive, aerospace industry or any other sector that requires wheels, the Victor wheel turning range has been specifically developed to take your productivity to the next level. Take a closer look at the alloy wheel machining centres and lathes.

Machining CentresAX380 5 Axis Machining

Like the turning range, GM CNC can accommodate your milling requirements whether you are machining simple to complex components in dimensions that vary from extremely small to exceptionally large. Whatever you need, at GM CNC we have the solution for your business. You can take a closer look at our extensive 3-axis range of machining centres here.

If you are considering your first step into 5-axis machining or whether you are well versed in the field of single set up multi-axis machining, the Victor range of 5-axis machining centres has the capability and capacity to take your machining into the stratosphere. The machine tool industry is awash with vendors in the 5-axis machining arena, but none can offer the stability, rigidity and performance of the Victor brand. If you are looking to improve your machining performance, improve surface finishes and extend your tool life performance, there is nowhere better than the Victor 5-axis platform to achieve all these attributes. You can see more of the extensive Victor 5-axis range here.