Vcenter 102B

Vcenter-102B has been fortified with heavy duty, hardened and ground boxways into their Meehanite cast columns, which ensure that all the high radial and axial cutting forces that arise during heavy cutting are easily absorbed. The headstock / boxway surfaces have been bonded with the low friction composite Turcite B that prevents any stick-slip movements.

Machining Centers built with box slideways that mix high production demands with heavy cutting conditions

  • Box slideways for 3 axes
  • Efficient tool changer
  • All major structural components are made from Meehanite cast iron to ensure consistent homogenous castings
  • Versatile heavy duty spindle
  • Versatile slideways for optional dynamic stiffness
  • Superior structure stiffness with the optional rail spacing 700 mm supports the long table at the travel end of X axis movement
  • High pressure coolant flushing away the swarf from the bottom guarding assures optimal chip disposal efficiency during machining


X-axis travelmm1020
Y-axis travelmm520
Z-axis travelmm560
Table working areamm1100 x 510
Rapid feed X/Y/Zm/mm20/20/18
Number of tools24
Spindle Speedrpm8000
Spindle Powerkw7.5/9
Machine Weighttons6100
Machine Dimensionsm2.750 x 2.400 x 2.640